CUNY, Faculty Commons

Faculty Commons, as a part of The City University of New York (CUNY), helps to coordinate grants, professional development and assessment activities of faculty within CUNY College of Technology. Members can collaborate on various projects to help shape school curriculum and grants. In addition, Faculty Commons produces a quarterly magazine, Nucleus where they discuss grants, research and teaching and educational output.

As a member of the CUNY Faculty Commons design team, I assisted professors and staff by designing ways to present various developmental information. I also designed Volume 4 of the Faculty Commons Quarterly magazine, Nucleus. I designed this particular issue by choosing a color scheme, brainstorming a layout that would work for the quantity of information involved and taking needed photography- all while staying within the school’s style guidelines.

Above are examples of my work on Nucleus magazine and below is a sample of my work for a professional development briefing to new faculty at CUNY.