We Are 8

8 Enterprises is a social media application that allows users do it all. One can view original content (film, television, music), get paid from ads and offers, support causes, join a community, or simply get inspired. The 8 application’s vision was that of respecting users' privacy and providing them with a safe online community where they felt valued.

Along a small but talented team, I helped with the design of the 8 app. I assisted with brainstorming the flow of the site, designing original content, picking color schemes, and aided in the design of the logo and the general look and feel of the app. The final product was an iPad prototype that was later sent to development.

Above and below you can find examples of the work that I did surrounding the user login and cloud storage that We Are 8 offered. Working within the color scheme that I aided in assembling, I kept these pages clean and self-explanatory- so that someone could start a new account or change their account settings seamlessly. And finally, a cheery infographic screen that gives the user information on all that this app offers.